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Your Water Your Health | Woodland Health Books | Woodland Publishing

Your Water Your Health discusses ways to effectively remove contaminants from the water supply in your home..

Ingredients & Description

Your Water Your Health is an informative book on the dangers of modern day water pollution. In the book, possible solutions are discussed along with the latest information about today's water contamination problems.

Water is the foundation of our health, but harmful pollutants are entering the water supply every day. New contaminants pose a threat to water treatment facilities. Organisms like cryptosporidium may be fatal and can slip past conventional treatments. Learn more about health-threatening contaminants and discover how to effectively remove them from the water in your home.


  • Learn about possible contaminants in the water supply
  • Discover how to remove contaminants yourself
  • Find ways of educating others on water pollution

UPC: 9781580543439
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