Yoga for Circulation

Practicing the following poses, asanas and postures allows you to focus your routine on circulation.

Recommended Nutrition

Stimulin | Citrulline Nitric Oxide Stimulator (60 tabs)
Stimulin helps to naturally promote better circulation and improve overall vascular health.
Carbo vegetabilis 9C
Carbo Vegetabilis is a natural way to improve overall body health
Hamamelis virginiana 9C
Boiron Hamamelis Virginiana is a product designed for many applications and is indicated for hemorrhoids
Ginkgo Biloba Phytosome (60 Caps)*
Natural Factors Ginkgo Biloba Phytosome (60 Caps) is a great supplement for people wanting support of their brain, central nervous system and circulation
Choles Response (120 tabs Cholest-Response)
Specifically targeted to lower cholesterol, Cholest-Response is a powerful supplement for cardiovascular health and support against heart disease. It helps to regulate cholesterol and improve circulation.
Flex-Ability (60 Tabs)
Planetary Formula's Flex-Ability is an ancient Chinese, herbal formula used for centuries to promote healthy joints and tissues in the body.
Rutin 250mg (90 Caps)*
Natural Factors Rutin is used to increase blood circulation, improve blood vessel health and lower blood pressure.
Rutin (50mg 100 tabs)
Seacoast Natural Foods Rutin is used to increase blood vessel health by improving circulation while also prohibiting the buildup of excess sugar within the body.
Circu-Pressure (60 Tabs)
This formula consists of a variety of synergistic herbal compounds in addition to vitamins and minerals all of which help support normal, healthy circulation.
Medizym (200 Tabs) | Vegetarian Formula
Medizym (new vegetarian formula) from Naturally Vitamins features a highly effective combination of naturally occurring enzymes traditionally used for ultimate immune boosting and pain relieving properties.
Blood Circulation (100 Caps)
Dr. Christopher's Blood Circulation Formula, formerly known as BPE, indicated for stabilizing the blood pressure.
Celery Seed Extract (60 Caps)*
Natural Factors Celery Seed Extract helps improve circulation, reduce hypertension, and acts as an effective diuretic.
PeptACE Peptides (90 caps)*
Natural Factors' PeptACE Peptides is a mixture of nine peptides (proteins) and comes from a fish in the tuna family. It works to effectively and naturally lower blood pressure.
Medizym (400 Tabs)
Medizym from Naturally Vitamins nourishes the body with Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes to enhance immunity, reduce inflammation, and helps speed the body's natural ability to heal.
Medizym (800 Tab)
Medizym from Naturally Vitamins provides naturally occurring enzymes to enhance immunity, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and aid the body in the healing process.
Great Legs (60 caps)
Natural Balance Great Legs (60 caps) is an excellent choice for increasing blood flow to the legs
Medizym Pain Relieving Cream (2 fl oz)
Medizym Cream is indicated for pain associated with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and even helps alleviate minor post-surgery pain. Compare to Wobenzym N Cream.
Leg Veins (60 caps)
Nature's Way Leg Veins formula supports circulation and strengthens collagen for healthy vascular walls.
Garlicin HC Healthy Circulation (90 tabs)
Nature's Way Garlicin HC (90 tabs) is a product that combines all the circulation support of garlic with the cholesterol lowering substance of allicin
Vizion from Solaray contains bilberry extract, an herb that is used to improve vision and aid in circulation.
Yellow Sweet Clover
Solaray Yellow Sweet Clover helps support blood circulation and the cardiovascular system.
CoQ10 50mg (60 Caps)
Seacoast Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a normal and essential component of the membranes of mitochondria (the intracellular organelles that manufacture ATP), the basic energy molecule of the cell.
Horse chestnut Standardized (90 caps)
Nature's Way Horse Chestnut offers natural, herbal support for a healthy circulatory system. The key component of Horse chestnut is Aescin, which provides the numerous health benefits of this century old herb. Horse Chestnut helps to strengthen the veins and improve circulation.
French Parad'ox Plus (60 caps)
French Parad'ox, French Paradox Health from the Sun helps to maintain a healthy heart and keep the skin healthy and youthful in appearance by protecting the collagen and elastin in your skin.
Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg (180 caps)*
Natural Factors Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses the body of toxins while improving digestion and circulation.