Yoga for Balance

Practicing the following poses, asanas and postures allows you to focus your routine on balance.

Recommended Nutrition

Cobra Sexual Energy (120 Cap Economy Size)
Cobra by Natural Balance blends the world's most exotic herbs from the Orient, Africa, South America and across the globe to create a formula just for men.
Diet Pep (120 tabs)
Natural Balance Diet Pep boosts energy while helping you to lose weight. It increases metabolism and is natural and safe to use.
Fat Magnet (72 caps)
Natural Balance fat magnet is an advanced electrostatic formula that traps fat and a scientifically advanced weight management formula.
Ultra Diet Pep (120 tabs)
Natural Balance Ultra Diet Pep is specially formulated to help you succeed with your weight management program. Its comprehensive blend of ingredients increases your energy, stimulates your metabolism, and promotes fat burning without ephedra or ma huang.
Natrum Sulph. 6X
Hyland's Natrum Sulphuricum homeopathic tablets for nause and vomiting.
Ultra Potent EPA plus Lipase (30 caps)
Health From The Sea's Ultra Potent EPA plus Lipase features an imporant omega-3 fatty acid that can contribute to better brain function, healthy blood flow, and enhanced mood.
Happy Camper, 120 Veggie Caps
Natural Balance Happy Camper herbal formula contains a unique blend of herbs known to help calm your nerves.
HTP Calm (60 Caps)
Natural Balance HTP Calm (60 Caps) works naturally to relieve stress, relax and enhance your mood
Guarana, Extra Strength (60 Caps)
Whenever you need an extra boost, try Extra Strength Guarana for a smooth, powerful surge of energy.
Kidz SuperFood (Berry 6 1/2 oz)
KIDZ Superfood is a nutritional powerhouse blending 32 rainbow colored fruits and vegetables in a delicious berry drink powder.
BalancePom formerly Estragranate (60 vcaps)
New and Improved Formula. Estragranate has been renamed BalancePom.
Super Flex Back Formula (60 tabs)
Super Flex Back Formula offers a blend of natural ingredients that alleviate pain and soreness from stiff muscles, reducing inflammation and contributing to increased mobility and flexiblity.
Super Flex Joint Formula (60 tabs)
Super Flex Joint Formula uses all natural ingredients to reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and lessen the pain associated with joint stiffness.
Bioplasma (1000 Tablets)
Bioplasma from Hylands provides cell salts which are vital mineral constituents present in human cells, necessary to maintain cellular strength, structure, and balance.
Primadophilus Reuteri Pearls (60 Pearls)
Primadophilus Reuteri Pearls nourish the intestines with helpful Probiotics for enhanced digestion and immune function.
Hep-Forte (200 SoftGels)*
Hep-Forte from Naturally Vitamins works within the body to help maintain a healthy liver and sex hormone balance.
Pregnenolone (60 Vcaps)
Country Life Pregnenolone contains 30 mg of Phamaceutically Pure Pregnenolone with Ascorbyl Palmitate
Hormonal Changease (100 caps)
Dr. Christopher's Hormonal Changease is a product designed to restore natural hormonal balance in both men and women
Great Legs (60 caps)
Natural Balance Great Legs (60 caps) is an excellent choice for increasing blood flow to the legs
Ladies Choice Menopause Formula (72 caps)
natural balance ladies choice menopause formula helps maintain healthy estrogen levels and relieves menopausal symptoms
MenoSense (90 Vcaps)*
Natural Factors MenoSense, an all-natural formula designed to provide support for symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes and night sweats.
Change-O-Life (100 caps)
Nature's Way Change-O-Life has been formulated to provide herbal suppert for menopausal and post-menopausal women.
Change-O-Life (180 caps)
Nature's Way Change-O-Life is a blend of 7 herbs that help support women's health during menopause.
Herbal Slumber (60 caps)
Natural Balance Herbal Slumber blends a unique complement of Natural Ingredients to help you relax, and enjoy deep sleep.
IBX Soothing Formula (120 caps)
Natural Balance IBX Soothing Formula is a product designed to alleviate gastric problems based on a recipe taken from Tibet