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Yoga Strap Organic Cotton | Gaiam | Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Products at Everday Low Prices

Safely supports and modifies poses while using earth-friendly
organic cotton..

Ingredients & Description

Experience the mind-body satisfaction of flexing beyond your usual limits with a strap of 100% natural cotton, undyed and untreated. With its substantial strength and reach you can expand your range, achieve more challenging positions and sustain poses for longer periods of time.

100% Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 6 feet X 1.5 inches

Care instructions: Machine wash. Dry flat.

You have reached Yoga Strap Organic Cotton on from the manufacturer Gaiam Yoga. We're proud to have served 1037 customers since 06/22/2010 who were also interested in purchasing Yoga Strap Organic Cotton. It currently ranks as our 0 most popular natural health product.

Technical Yoga Strap Organic Cotton Details: Locate this product using sku number or ISBN . For shipping, the weight is equal to 1.00 pounds and is currently out of stock. Typical inquiries include , Yoga straps, Balanceball, Workout Kits, Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Accessories, Pilates, Gaiam Yoga, and natural health. Seacoast Vitamins offers this product at a $1.23 discount off of the suggested retail price $9.9800. Our price is $8.75.

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Distributed or manufactured from Gaiam Yoga. See more Gaiam Yoga products.
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Uses & Indications.
  • Stretch
  • Challenge
  • Strengthen
Ailments & Concerns.

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