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Tri-Cleanse Internal Cleanser -Planetary Formulas- A Revolutionary Approach To Internal Cleansing

Tri-Cleanse- A Balanced Approach to Internal Cleansing Many of today's bulking agents and internal cleansers produce noticeable and seemingly beneficial effects. However, it is important to proceed with care when using such products. While most bulking fibers are beneficial for elimination, they can impair assimilation, or may include dependency forming laxative agents, such as buckhorn, cascara, rhubarb, or senna. Planetary Herbals Tri-Cleanse is different. It is formulated specifically to support digestive and eliminative functions without causing weakness or dependency. Some of the most highly respected bulking fibers, including psyllium and flax seeds, are combined with the legendary Triphala combination of Ayurvedic herbalism, and with the digestive-supporting warming carminatives anise and ginger. The result is a comprehensive approach to internal cleansing..

Ingredients & Description

Tri-CleanseA Revolutionary Approach To Internal Cleansing. For years, internal cleansing has been the primary way for people to begin a natural health program. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the undesired side effects that can accompany a cleansing program. Tri-Cleanse is different, offering you a beneficial internal cleanser without the unpleasant gas and bloating that accompany many other products.Tri-Cleanse combines a unique blend of fibers and herbs with the legendary Triphala compound of India. As the fibers swell and moisten, promoting complete and efficient cleansing, the Triphala compound gently tones, adding strength to the eliminative tract. Simultaneously, the digestive aids Ginger, Anise, Citrus Peel and Wild Yam, support the "digestive fire," preventing the gas and bloating that often occur when bulking fibers are used alone.

The Complete Internal Cleanser - Dietary fiber supplements add extra bulk to the daily diet, ensuring that you receive adequate amounts for optimal elimination. Tri-Cleanse combines the husks of the most widely used bulking agent, Psyllium, with three other fibers: Flax Seeds, Guar Gum and Oat Bran. Flax seeds are highly nutritious, and, like psyllium, become extremely demulcent (soothing and lubricating) when wet. Planetary uses flax seed that has been partially defatted to prevent rancidity. Guar gum and oat bran are nutritive fibers which soothe the digestive and eliminative systems. Many internal cleansing products rely solely on bulking agents. Though beneficial for elimination, bulking agents alone may interferewith the digestive process. Digestion is considered to be a "hot" process, involving hydrochloric acid, and an active "breaking down" digestive medium.Bulking fibers are hydrophilic, meaning they become very wet and therefore dilute the gastric juices. This is why many people who undergo internal cleansing with bulking fibers complain of gas, indigestion and abdominal bloating.A Balanced CombinationThe care that went into the formulation of Tri-Cleanse reflects PlanetaryFormulas philosophy of creating balanced combinations you can depend on. The cooling nature of its vital fibers is balanced by the warming carminative herbs ginger and anise. Bitter wild yam root and tart citrus peel enhance the assimilation of foods.Triphala: The Essential DifferenceTriphala is a uniquely balanced herb-food preparation that has literally centuries of traditional usage within the East Indian Ayurvedic tradition. An honored household supplement in India, Triphala consists of three fruits. Harada is the most widely used Ayurvedic herb, and, of all the herbs in Tri-Cleanse, the most cleansing. It simultaneously imparts powerful toning action. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is sour and astringent, promoting digestive secretions as it tones. It is a rich source of vitamin C, which nourishes to assist the tissue in regaining its strength and integrity. Additionally, its sweet and demulcent properties are pleasantly soothing. Behada, the most beneficial of the three fruits for ridding the eliminative tract of excessive mucus, also stimulates the production of digestive enzymes as it tones. Triphala is unique because it supports the eliminative system by toning rather than by irritating. Many internal cleansers include dependency-forming ingredients like senna and buckthorn that irritate intestinal tissue in order to stimulate muscular contractions. Triphala instead tones the eliminative tract for beneficial cleansing.

Supplement Facts for Powder Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (2.4 g) Amount% DV Calories 5 Sodium 5 mg <2% Total Carbohydrates 1 g <2% Dietary Fiber 1 g <4% - Proprietary Blend: Psyllium Husk, Triphala Compound (Fruits of Belleric Myrobalan, Amla, and Chebulic Myrobalan), Flax Seed (partially defatted to prevent rancidity), Anise Fruit, Guar Gum, Oat Bran, Wild Yam Root, Stevia Leaf, Ginger Root, and Natural Licorice Root Flavor. 2.4 g

Warning: Take this product with a full 8 oz. glass of liquid. If you do not drink enough liquid the product may swell in the throat, causing blockage or choking. Avoid use if you have ever had throat or swallowing problems. Seek immediate medical help if pain or swelling/breathing difficulties occur. Not for use during pregnancy.Notice to New Users: A small percentage of individuals, such as nurses or other health care providers whose occupations expose them to psyllium dust, may develop a sensitivity to psyllium. This sensitivity may result in an allergic reaction.STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE.Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of the reach of children.

Planetary Herbals offers the best of classic herbal traditions, from Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbalism to the experience of Western herbal practitioners. Utilizing the knowledge of more than 30 years clinical experience, professional herbalists such as Michael Tierra, Lesley Tierra, Jill Stansbury, and Alan Tillotson, Planetary Herbals is committed to ensuring that our time-tested herbal traditions continue to evolve, grow, and flourish.

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Date Added: Monday 24 September, 2012
Yeah, I agree with the above poster. Colon clneasers are scams based on a very outdated idea that we're all walking around with pounds of old feces stuck to the inside of our colons. That's just not true.So why do people continue to buy them? Well, most of those colon clneasers are just basically fiber. Some have some other herbs in them but the main ingredient is fiber. To the average American, with a low-fiber diet, the colon cleanse produces larger, more frequent bowel movements. The person sees these larger bowel movements (sometimes 2 a day) and thinks Wow! All that was inside me?? In fact, what they're actually seeing is just the fiber in the cleanser.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 14 May, 2012
Dear Sirs or manda, We have known your product of " Henry's Internal Cleanser " over 4 years which we have taken from Taiwan trader, but they don't import this product anymore. Could you please advice if we could get your product in Taiwan. Or, we have to joing your group . We shall be highly appreciated if you could reply us ASAP. my email address is and tel. no. is (886-4) 25323155 Thanks so much for your kind help. With best regards, Sara Chuang
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