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Linked uses - Providing Natural Lubrication - Soothing Relief from Vaginal Dryness
Linked ailments - Hemorrhoids - Menopause - Vaginal Irritation


Key-E Suppositories

(24 soothing inserts), Carlson Labs
Key-E Suppositories (24 soothing inserts) Carlson Labs

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KeyE Suppositories are natural soothing inserts prepared with a base derived from coconut and palm oils.


Gentle Laxative

(120 capsules), FloraHeal
Gentle Laxative (120 capsules) FloraHeal

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Gentle Laxative includes ingredients, which can help restore balance and regularity to the digestive system and bowel. Nourishing herbs such as Aloe have natural laxative properties and also act as a tonic for the liver. Gentle Laxative also includes Psyllium husks, which have long been used by Chinese herbalists to regulate bowel movements and alleviate constipation.