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Linked uses - Boost Blood Circulation - Promote Mental Alertness- Positive Mood- Memory & Learning - Enhance Mental Function
Linked ailments - Weak Attention Span - Memory Loss - Lack of Focus

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(10 mg 100 tablets), Life Extension
Vinpocetine (10 mg 100 tablets)* Life Extension

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Vinpocetine taken orally is easily absorbed. When taken orally, vinpocetine can: Improve blood supply to the brain. Increase oxygen and glucose use by the brain. Improve brain tolerance to hypoxic injury. Increase vasodilation response to hypoxia. Maintain optimal energy of healthy brains. Maintain normal coagulation of blood. Maintain healthy levels of some neurotransmitters. Promote healthy attention, memory and concentration.

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Ginkgo Smart Maximum Focus Memory

(60 softgels), Irwin Naturals
Ginkgo Smart Maximum Focus & Memory  (60 softgels) Irwin Naturals

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Irwin Naturals Advanced formula Ginkgo Smart helps you to naturally keep mentally alert, focused and on top of your game. Ginkgo biloba and Choline enhance memory, concentration and clarity.

BrainWave Plus

(120 capsules), NutriCology
BrainWave Plus (120 capsules) NutriCology

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The nutrients in BrainWave Plus collectively support blood circulation, neurotransmitter activity and production, which in turn supports mental alertness, healthy moods, memory and learning.* BrainWave Plus includes Huperzine A.

Oceans 3 - Better Brain

(90 Soft Gels), Garden of Life
Oceans 3 - Better Brain (90 Soft Gels)* Garden of Life

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Brain health and memory loss are issues of concern for more and more people every day. But now, there is Oceans 3 Better Brain, the only Omega-3 supplement available with OmegaXanthin, a synergistic complex of three health-promoting compounds from the ocean plus a dynamic suite of three clinically studied ingredients designed to support neurological and brain function.