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A. Vogel | Thyroid Support Tabs (120 tab) | Supplements, Specialty

Standardized to 50 mc iodine per tablet.

Ingredients & Description

Kelp contains large amounts of iodine, bromine, trace elements and vitamin A. The main activity lies with the iodine content. Kelp also contains substances known as alginates. These molecules have the unique property of being able to absorb onto their surfaces heavy metals, radioactive substances and organic molecules such as cholesterol.

Promotes healthy thyroid function

Standardized to 50 mc iodine per tablet

Each tablet contains 25 mg kelp extract from the giant kelp forests of the Pacific Ocean.

Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch, polysaccharide of soy, and cottonseed oil.

Dosage Adults: 1 tablet 2 3 times daily before a meal. Do not take before retiring. Children: This product is not recommended for children.

No restrictions on long term use. If pregnant or nursing, contact your healthcare professional before use. Interactions with other medicines are not known.

Made according to Swiss Pharmacuetical GMP's

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Questions and answers:

    Asked on: March 2, 2013
    Question: I would like to know exactly what does this product do for the thyroid?
    • 0 0 A: This products key thyroid component is iodine. Iodine is an essential element that enables the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. 

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    Asked on: February 5, 2013
    Question: Does this help T4 low
    • 0 0 A: Thyroid Support Tablet promote healthy thyroid functions. Vote down - Vote up
    Asked on: August 16, 2013
    Question: I have purchased a product similar to yours from Natural Living. Is this the same product? If so I need to order some. Also, do you have anything foe massive leg cramps? I get them at night while I am asleep and end up jumping out of bed. Thanks

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