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The Immune System | Woodland Health Books | Louise Tenney M.H.

The Immune System by Louise Tenney M.H. discusses the importance of prevention and how naturally boosting the immune system can prevent many bacteria and viruses..

Ingredients & Description

In this booklet about the immune system, Lousie Tenney M.H. discusses dietary recommendations and supplements and herbs that help to improve immunity. The immune system is the body's main defense against disease and toxins. When the immune system isn't fuctioning properly, viruses and bacteria have free reign in the body. By focusing on prevention rather than treatment, these viruses and bacteria never have a chance to invade the body.

Louise Tenney M.H.'s booklet describes alternative treatments for building up immunity based on recent research. The reader will learn how to strengthen the immune system safely and naturally.


  • Gain information on the immune system
  • Learn ways to naturally boost immunity
  • Discover the importance of prevention


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