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Stress | Woodland Health Books | Louise Tenney

This book, written by Louise Tenney, looks at the different types of stress and how they can manifest in the body, as well as ways to cope with stress..

Ingredients & Description

Written by health expert Louise Tenney, this Guide to Stress Management offers a comprehensive look at the body's response to stress while providing information on how to effectively manage stress. Offered by Woodland Health Books, Stress provides a valuable look into the different types of stress and their causes. Also offered are ways to recognize the different symptoms of stress.

Louise Tenney suggests a healthy blend of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements to manage and cope with stress. Stress may even manifest itself in the body in various diseases. Stress, the book, takes a look at how to battle these diseases and keep them from coming back.


  • Learn valuable information about the different kinds of stress
  • Discover how to treat stress through various remedies
  • Be alerted to diseases that stress may cause
  • Learn to recognize the different types of stress



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