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Ribose by Source Naturals / cardiovascular health + energy enhancer

Ribose by Source Naturals is a natural component promotes the production of energy (ATP). It enhances energy, endurance, muscle recovery and supports healthy cardiovascular function..

Ingredients & Description

Ribose is a natural sugar or carbohydrate that is used by all living things. It is part of the building blocks that form RNA and DNA molecules. Ribose is an important component for the synthesis of nucleotides in the body and it is key in the body's energy production. Ribose is the sugar that begins the production of adenosine triphosphate (or ATP), which serves as the primary source of energy for cells. The body can become depleted of essential ATP reserves and can suffer a lack of energy. Ribose can be extremely beneficial for promoting the normal, healthy function of muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Ribose is essential for energy production and is used commonly among athletes who are trying to maximize muscle performance and increase energy and endurance. It has also proven beneficial in helping athletes recover from workouts more quickly. When we excercise intensely, our skeletal muscles become depleted of ATP (energy). It can take several days for the body to rebuild its ATP supply in the muscular cells. Ribose supplementation provides a constant supply of ATP energy to the cells of muscle tissue. Athletes who supplement with ribose should be able to workout longer and more often, causing them to build muscle faster because their muscles will constantly be supplied with energy. Ribose is a valuable tool to maximize athletic performance, enhance energy and endurance, and promote faster recovery from workouts.

The heart is a powerful muscle and can sometimes experience energy depletion, often due to restricted blood flow. Studies have shown that ribose can help to support healthy heart function. Ribose is often used to help speed recovery of the heart after a heart attack or heart surgery. It also has shown to help improve blood flow to the heart of people suffering from Ischemia. Ribose may offer hope for people dealing with other serious illnesses such as Huntington's Disease an Fibromyalgia. These diseases are characterized by ATP depletion and the small molecules that make up ribose successfully cross the blood brain barrier, making it more effective. Ribose by Source Naturals could be key to maximizing your physical fitness level and improving your cardiovascular health. Always consult your physician before taking any new supplements or medication.


  • Replenishes energy supplies (ATP)
  • Maximizes physical fitness
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function
  • Improves blood flow to the heart


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 chewable tablets
 Ribose3 g 

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