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Restorative Exercise for Strong Bone | Gaiam | Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Products at Everday Low Prices

Specific Targeting for Bone Density
hips, wrists, spine, ribs.

Ingredients & Description

The Restorative Exercise for Strong Bones Kit will target sites specifically at risk for bone loss: hips, wrists, vertebrae, and ribs, with exercises designed to increase bone loading.

This 40-minute program includes slower-paced exercise designed to increase motor skill of areas not activating on a regular basis due to sitting and postural habits.

The tubing will create resistance for walking and sitting exercises, as well as standing, functional movements. Rich with thoughtful exercise prescription and instruction, Restorative Exercise for Strong Bones is designed to be a daily practice and learning experience for exercise treatment and prevention of bone loss.

DVD includes the following lessons:

Basic Prop Skill - an introduction to proper prop use with in-depth detail on the physics behind prop "how to's" and additional modifications

Standing Warm-up & Series with Ring - exercise series designed for warming up the entire body

Standing Series - with tube and door attachment

Advanced Posture - strengthening with both props

Benefits include:

  • Stabilize muscles of the spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle
  • Enhance breathing with proper rib motion
  • Greater circulation and motor skills

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Uses & Indications.
  • Improving Posture
  • Stability And Balance
  • Exercise Program Specific To Developing Bone Density
Ailments & Concerns.

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