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Qigong for Detox with Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee (DVD) | Yoga Studio

A quick, easy-to-learn Qigong routine to detoxify and cleanse the entire system. This program harnesses Qigong's 12 most potent exercises for flushing out the buildup of environmental and dietary toxins and promotes optimal health and well-being..

Ingredients & Description

Cleanse your entire body using the Qigong for Detox DVD, a gentle yet powerful combination of slow stretches and breathing exercises very similar to tai chi.
Together with Qigong experts Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee, you'll move through 13 healing moves that gently flush out toxins while strengthening your cells and organs.
This therapeutic blend of focused movements, deep breathing and creative visualization will circulate Qi, or energy, to detoxify, soothe your nerves and restore mental clarity.
This gentle whole-body Qigong program unblocks meridians and restores whole-body health.

45 minutes.

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