Pro-Gainer Chocolate (8 lbs)

NOW Pro-Gainer is a dynamic blend of egg, whey and casein proteins designed to increase weight and muscle mass. Research shows that multiple sources of protein provided the best results, especially when taken throughout the day to keep amino acid levels peaked. If you're not getting enough protein, your body can start to catabolize other tissues for the amino acids necessary to repair muscle tissue - not good. We've included a unique enzyme blend for superior digestibility, ensuring maximum absorption and utilization of the nutrients in this formula, particularly calories, carbohydrates and proteins. Pro-Gainer also provides a potent vitamin and mineral complex to support good nutrition helping to replenish nutrients that are lost during intense training, and added Glutamine and Taurine for extra antioxidant protection and the proven results these amino acids provide. Add it all up, and you've got the most effective mass and muscle building product available!* Available in delicious Vanilla flavor. Product FAQ's

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