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PolarPower *NEW* - North American Herb and Spice - The Power of Nature

Unrefined wild sockeye salmon oil, a significant source of vitamins A & D and the ideal ratio of omega fatty acids.

Ingredients & Description

PolarPower is a whole, non-distilled, cold-filtered oil from wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. Its unique source, production methods, and nutritional attributes make it a rare and powerful whole food supplement. Our wild sockeye salmon oil is an excellent source of Vitamin A (4,000IU/teaspoon) and Vitamin D (600 IU/teaspoon). It contains more than 330 MG of EPA and 300 MG of DHA, essential fatty acids. Wild Sockeye Salmon oil is one of the purest fish oils available. It consistently tests free for hazardous levels of contaminants.

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Distributed or manufactured from North American Herb and Spice. See more North American Herb and Spice products.
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