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Organic Prenatal Multivitamin

Synergy Company Organic Prenatal Multivitamin blends certified organic whole food nutrients with organic sprouts, berries, ginger and red raspberry leaf creating a whole-food vitamin and mineral rich formula nourishing moms and growing babies alike..

Ingredients & Description

Organic Prenatal Multivitamin by The Synergy Company contains organically grown, whole-food nutrients to nourish you and your baby.

Synergy Company Organic Prenatal Multivitamin blends certified organic whole food nutrients with organic sprouts, berries, ginger and red raspberry leaf creating a whole-food vitamin and mineral rich formula nourishing moms and growing babies alike.

  • Perfect for pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Genuine, certified organic vitamins and mineralspurity when you need it most
  • Organic freeze-dried sprouts and berries to enhance and enliven your health
  • Organic red raspberry leaf and ginger to balance and support you
  • Whole food support for a healthy pregnancy
  • 100% food forms of nutrients are easy on your tummy and deeply nourishing
  • Free of additives, preservative, GMOs, gluten and dairy

Organic Vitamins and Minerals

Synergy Company organic vitamins and minerals are exclusively grown as organic whole foods, never isolated, synthesized, or adultrated with harmful chemicals. Contains organic, whole-food iron that is easy on your digestive system, and 800 mcg of folic acid. Organic Prenatal offers gentle, but effective nutrient absorption that is never hard on the stomach.

Organic Cruciferous Sprout Blend

The compounds from Organic Prenatal's unique and exclusive cruciferous sprout blend is many times more potent than a serving of veggies. The certified organic sprout blend is tested and safe. Organic Sprout Blend offers a gentle way of supporting body and baby through the ups and downs of pregnancy. The fresh, freeze dried sprouts in this blend include broccoli, upland cress, daikon, red radish, cauliflower, cabbage, and arugala.

Organic Synergized Berry Power

A unique blend of 12 of the most prized and flavonoid-rich berries. The rich pigments that give berries their vibrant colors of purple, blue, red, and pink provide an added boost of health promoting vitamin C and antioxidants. Organic Synergized Berry Power contains fresh freeze-dried black currant, bilberry, aronia, pomegranate, sour cherry, elderberry, cranberry, red raspberry, and black raspberry.

Organic Synergized Herbal Extracts

Ginger has long been treasured for its anti-nausea properties, and many medical studies confirm that ginger is a safe and effective tool for pregnancy related nausea and morning sickness. Synergy searched the world to create the purest and most effective organic ginger extract possible. Processed in France just for Synergy's Organic Prenatal, this ginger extract is pure, organic, concentrated, and provides stomach soothing benefits just when it is needed most.

Red Raspberry Leaf extract has been safely used in many traditions around the world to tone the uterus and prepare for a healthy birth process. Synergy's Organic Prenatal features red raspberry leaf extract is a classic tonic herb for moms to be: supporting all aspects of a healthy pregnancy and lending additional vitamin C to this whole-food formula.

2 tablets twice daily with our without food. Because our Organic Prenatal is made from whole food, it is gentle on your tummy and can be taken any time of day.

Supplement Facts
Organic Prenatal Multivitamin
Serving Size: 4 veg tablets
Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 10,000 IU 200%
Vitamin C 120 mg 200%
Vitamin D3 1200 IU 300%
Vitamin E 60 IU 200%
Vitamin K 160 mcg 200%
Thiamin (B1) 6 mg 400%
Riboflavin (B2) 7mg 400%
Niacinamide 40g 200%
Vitamin B6 8mg 400%
Folate 800 mcg 200%
Vitamin B12 42 mcg 700%
Biotin 600 mcg 200%
Pantothenic Acid 20 mg 200%
Iodine 150 mcg 100%
Iron 18 mg 100%
Zinc 15 mg 100%
Selenium 70 mcg 150%
Copper 2 mg 100%
Manganese 2 mg 100%
Chromium (GTF) 120 mcg 100%
Molybdenum 75 mcg 100%
Organically Grown Nutrients
20 mg
Organic Cruciferous Sprout Blend
Fresh freeze-dried Sprouts: Broccoli*, Upland Cress*, Daikon*, Red Radish*,
Cauliflower*, Cabbage*, Arugula*
250 mg
Organic Synergized Berry Power
Fresh freeze-dried: Black Currant*, Bilberry*, Aronia*, Pomegranate*, Lingonberry*,
Concord Grape*, Wild Blueberry*, Sour Cherry*, Elderberry*, Cranberry*, Red Raspberry*, Black Raspberry*
250 mg -
Organic Synergized Herbal Extracts
Ginger Rhizome Extract 200 mg
Red Raspberry Leaf Extract 50 mg
Daily Value Based on a standard 2,000 calorie daily intake
Daily Value Not Established
*Certified Organic

Ingredients: Organically Grown Nutrients; Organic Cruciferous Sprout Blend; Organic Synergized Berry Power; Organic Synergized Herbal Extracts

Other Ingredients: Organic barley grass, organic gum acaia, vegetable cellulose (tablet coating)

Warnings: Contains organic fermented soy

Does not contain: Casein, Dairy, Gluten, Wheat

SKU: 1PN120
UPC: 852971004156
Distributed or manufactured from The Synergy Company. See more The Synergy Company products.
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Uses & Indications.
  • Organic Whole Food Multi-Vitamin For Mom And Baby
Ailments & Concerns.

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