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Nopavera Natural Pain and Inflammation Treatment.Nopavera helps regulate normal blood sugar & glucose levels.

NOPAVERA contains a highly concentrated dosage of Prickly Pear Betalain which has been shown to be a natural free radical scavenger with antioxidant properties. Buy Today at!.

Ingredients & Description

Nopavera is a great tasting, sublingual wellness supplement sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica). The healing properties of the Nopal cactus combined with Aloe Vera create one of the most powerful and useful wellness supplements on the planet. Just a dropper full under the tongue, twice a day, of this amazing liquid, is changing lives across the globe! Nopavera contains a very rare and powerful class of antioxidants called bioflavonoids.

Nopavera helps regulate normal blood sugar & glucose levels, support pancreatic functions, and maintain a healthy liver. Other studies suggest Nopal can help lower high levels of LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease 

Bioflavonoids have been scientifically proven to help the body detoxify itself and reduce inflammation. Inflammation and free radicals, which are simply molecules which can cause irreversible damage to cells, are often the result of the bodyÃÂs exposure to toxins, trauma, nutrient deficiencies or even stress. Any cells that are overwhelmed by inflammation may be damaged beyond repair, causing the cell to prematurely die. If these dead cells are not expelled from the body, they can become a point of infection, or other illnesses. The bioflavonoids in the nopal cactus may help protect against toxicity and reduce inflammation that often leads to serious conditions. 

NOPAVERA has shown to be an effective relief for the following health problems


  • Respiratory inflammation ÃÂ causing allergies and breathing difficulties
  • Arterial inflammation ÃÂ causing heart health problems
  • Digestive tract inflammation  causing bloating, cramps and burning
  • Widespread body cell inflammation ÃÂ causing overall fatigue
  • Helps Manage Type II Diabetes
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Detoxifies
  • Muscles, joint and body inflammation causing joint, muscle and body pain 


Refrigerate after opening. Take one half dropper full twice a day. Drop liquid directly under tongue and allow 30-60 seconds for full absorption. Then swallow remaining liquid.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 mL
Calories 2 /td>
Total Carbohydrates 1g <1%/td>
Proprietary Blend:
Nopal Cactus Extract 48:1
Aloe Vera Gel
1080mg */td>
*Daily Value not established    


Other ingredients: Purified Water, 1/10 of 1% Food Preservatives (Sodium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate)

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UPC: 696859061295
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*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Superior Betalain Content
  • Concentrated Nopal Cactus Extract 48:1
  • Reducing Inflammation
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Stiff Joints

Product average:


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Date Added: Tuesday 01 October, 2013
pain throught my body has been relieved and i feel young again. i cant even begin to explain the thanks i have for this company and their product.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 16 September, 2013
relieves very painful pressure on my hips and knees allowing me to walk again
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Wednesday 14 August, 2013
my wife bought this for me after months of recovering from a broken hip iwas taking morphiene and using a cane, i hated taking the pills because it made me drowsy so i tried this and after three days i wasnt needing the meds nor the cane, i told my doctor and even he was suprised to see me walking into his office cane free i cant even begin to tell u how greatful i am for this product but i am now back to living my life as i was before my accident
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Wednesday 14 August, 2013
relieves almost every type of pain you may be experiencing, i was amazed at how quickly this started working, will referr friends to your product
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Tuesday 13 August, 2013
i originally got this for pains in my hip but after taking it not only did the hi pain fade away but my asthma seemed to aswell, i dont know if this is supposed to help with that but it did tremendously for myself.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Thursday 08 August, 2013
this stuff has relieved me of so much pain its unbelievable, after only five days i was taking less then half of my prescribed pain meds. hoping to be off them completely very soon
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Thursday 08 August, 2013
i have terrible arthritis my whole life and have been on everything under the sun, i tried this and after just two days i noticed a relief. im so thankful for this product.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Questions and answers:

    Asked on: April 22, 2013
    Question: will nopa vera help grow your hair too,what is the ingredients?i need organic vitamins to grow back my hair on some bald spots,help!
    • 0 0 A: Their are many benefits to Nopal Cactus. Though I have heard of people using it for hair growth there is insufficient evidence from research supporting it.  Vote down - Vote up
    Asked on: June 1, 2013
    Question: What of pure Nopalea Cactus extract to what of Purified water and of Aloe Vera and of Preservatives or of anything else not listed in each bottle?
    • 0 0 A: There are no other ingredients than the ones listed. The Nopal Cactus is a 48:1 ratio.  Vote down - Vote up
    Asked on: June 8, 2013
    Question: Is it safe for my 11 year old to take this product?
    • 0 0 A: Unfortunately this supplement was not formulated for people under the age of 18. Please call us at 702-508-9054 as we may be able to find some sort of alternative.  Vote down - Vote up
    Asked on: September 23, 2013
    Question: Is this product good for rheumatoid pain?Thank you
      This questions has not been answered yet. Be the first one!
      Asked on: December 23, 2013
      Question: I am a kidney transplant patient and I suffer with the gout, can I take nopavera.
      • 0 0 A: As with any supplement, if you have any medical condition or are taking any prescription medication, please consult with your physician before using. Vote down - Vote up

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