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KAL Kalvelax indicated for constipation and occasional inconsistency

KAL Kalvelax is an herbal laxative that can help with mild constipation and inconsistency.

Ingredients & Description

KAL Kalvelax (50 Tabs) is a specially designed herbal laxative.  This product is based on prune and fig powders with a blend of other herbs.  The blend in Kalvelax works naturally within your system to promote fast disintegration and gentle relief.  Use for occasional constipation or inconsistency.

Contains Senna Leaf Powder, Prunes, Fig, Cellulose, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Acacia, Peppermint Oil and Orange Oil.  Take up to 2 tablets before bed.   

  • Indicated for Occasional Constipation and Inconsistency
  • Herbal Laxative

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*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Increasing Absorption
  • Relieving Constipation
  • Regulating Bowel Movements
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Constipation
  • Malnutrition

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