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IntestiNew (90 caps) - Renew Life - Natural Support for Digestive Tract Health

Natural digestive health support formula for digestive tract function & a healthy intestinal lining..

Ingredients & Description

IntesiNew supports the healthy function of the intestinal lining. It is an L-glutamine and N-acetyl D-glucosamine supplement with herbs to help soothe the digestive system‡. Digestive tract supplementation with L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine promotes a healthy intestinal lining. Gamma oryzanol is a natural extract of rice bran oil, which exerts antioxidant effects in the digestive tract.

Supports health of the digestive tract

Supports healthy function of intestinal lining

Natural ingredients:L-glutamine, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, Gamma oryzanol and other Natural Herbs

A properly functioning intestinal lining is vital to overall digestive health and well-being.

Natural Support for Healthy Digestive Tract Function and Intestinal Lining

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Distributed or manufactured from Renew Life. See more Renew Life products.
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