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Immune Modulator/Family Defense Health Spray | Symbiotics | Immune Health Spray

Immune Health Spray from Symbiotics is a Bovine Colostrum-based formula for optimal Immune Health & Defense.

Ingredients & Description

Help your body fight off nasty cold & flu viruses with Immune Modulator PRP Therapy aka, Family Defense. This formula from Symbiotics emulates  KidShield® only Family Defense comes in a larger size for the benefit of the entire family. Family Defense® contains PRP's- Proline-Rich Polypeptides (or Polypropyline-Rich Peptides) which have been shown to promote Cytokine production.

Cytokines help keep our immune system in-check by "communicating" between different cells throughout the body. It is important to maintain balance among these signaling compounds, as too few results in a weak immune system, while too many results in an over-active immune system. Family Defense spray ensures a healthy balance of Cytokines and nourishes your body, strengthening your family's immune systems.


  • Immune Defense
  • Cold & Flu Viruses
  • Delicious Natural Vanilla Flavor
  • Cytokine Production
Family Defense Immune Health Spray
Serving Size: 3 Sprays
Proline-Rich-Peptides (Immulox® from Bovine Colostrum) 6 mg *
APS = Amount Per Serving
*% Daily Value (%DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Natural Vanilla Flavor, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

Suggested Use: For best results- Spray 3 times directly on back of tongue/throat. Can use twice daily in times of environmental and /or physical stress.

If you are nursing, pregnant, or trying to  get pregnant- Please consult your physician before using this product. 

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UPC: 647303050235
Distributed or manufactured from Symbiotics. See more Symbiotics products.
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*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Nourishing Mucous Membranes
  • Increasing Energy
  • Reducing Risk Of Cancer
  • Enhancing Immune Function
Ailments & Concerns.
  • AIDS
  • Cancers
  • Cold & Flu

Questions and answers:

    Asked on: May 14, 2013
    Question: Does it come from pasteurized colostrum ? Any risk of cross-contamination with prions ?
    • 0 0 A: Yes, the colostrum in this product has been pasteurized. I am not aware of any cross contamination with prions from this supplement.  Vote down - Vote up

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