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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt | Real Salt from Fun Fresh Foods & Real Food Trading Co.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt- real salt from Fun Fresh Foods- natural sea salt mined from the foothills of the Himalayas containing trace elements beneficial to your health..

Ingredients & Description

Mined in the foothills of the ancient Himalayas, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt contains a perfect balance of trace minerals and other naturally occurring elements. These precious minerals are preserved in the salt in their unprocessed and natural forms, offering exceptional flavoring along with optimal health. This product has been well tested, screened, and monitored for possible contaminants; season your food with peace, ease, and health in mind.

Natural crystalline structure of these fine sea salt crystals enables the blending and melding of flavors, creating a masquerade of tastes on your tongue. How could one possibly ever go back to iodized, over-processed, "refined" salt after exploring the delights of natural salt?

Package includes two tantalizing recipes for at home meals; Himalayan Baked Red Snapper and Himalayan Roasted Vegetables!


  • Finely Ground Crystals


Nutrition Facts: 1/4 tsp. (1.25 g)

0 Calories - 0 Calories from Fat

0 Total Fat - 0 Saturated Fat - 0 Cholesterol

480 mg Sodium - 0 Carbohydrate - 0 Protein

0 Iodine - 0 Iron



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Date Added: Thursday 10 May, 2012
I'm sorry to disagree. Himilayan Salts are a scam, they contain potentially toxic levels of fluoride and bromide(toxins, not nutrients) and very little of the very important nutrient IODINE. Fluoride, bromide, chloride (toxic halides) actually compete with iodine, increasing your iodine requirements! Check into it before purchasing it for consumption. Furthermore, the Potassium to Sodium ratio should be closer to 10:1 (the average diet is usually closer to 1:4).
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