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Herbal Calcium (100 Capsules) | Dr Christopher's | Herbal Bone Health

Dr Christopher's Herbal Calcium is a product that is designed to give your body the calcium it needs, herbally.

Ingredients & Description

Dr Christopher's Herbal Calcium (100 caps) is a product designed to give people the calcium they need in order for their bodies to function. This combination is made from 100% herbs. There are many problems and disorders associated with a calcium deficient diet. These disorders include things like frequent Charlie Horses, loss of teeth, nervous upsets, narrow jaw, etc. It is also suggested that Calcium can be used to treat teething children that get fevers. Women over the age of 30 are also recommended to begin taking Calcium supplement to fight the onset of Osteoporosis later in life.

Dr Christopher's Herbal Calcium is 100% organic calcium. This makes it better for absorption in the body when compared to inorganic calcium which isn't always completely absorbed and can cause problems. This product contains Horsetail Grass, Nettle Leaf, Oastraw Herb and Lobelia Herb.

  • 100% Organic Calcium Supplement
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

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Distributed or manufactured from Christophers Original Formulas. See more Christophers Original Formulas products.
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*Not intended to diagnose or treat diseases or ailments, and is not reviewed by the FDA.

Uses & Indications.
  • Knitting Bones
  • Promoting Healing
  • Increasing Calcium Absorption
  • Increasing Bone Density
Ailments & Concerns.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone Fractures
  • Osteopenia

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