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Healthy Heart Guide | Cindy Jones Ph.D. | Woodland Health Books

Healthy Heart Guide Cindy Jones Ph.D. is an excellent and informative book that details what can be done to protect your most vital organ -- the heart!.

Ingredients & Description

Woodland Health Books "Healthy Heart Guide" by Cindy Jones Ph.D.'s is an important book that focuses on herbal and nutritional approaches to optimal heart health. Author Cindy Jones presents a holistic view of the common conditions that affect the human heart and what can be done to help it. She focuses on therapies that involve diet and supplement in addition to other lifestyle factors that can lead you down the path to a healthier heart -- better yet, a healthier you!

This book from Woodland Health Books and authored by Cindy Jones is an essential read for anyone who wants to live longer through the protection of their most vital organ.

  • Lifestyle Therapies for Protecting Your Heart
  • How Diet and Supplements Affect The Heart

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