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Germanium-132 (60 caps)* | Chi's Enterprise

Improves oxygen levels..

Ingredients & Description

Organic Germanium-132 is pure bis-carboxyethyL sesquioxide-132 extracted from medicinal mushrooms.

Eating more garlic, chlorella, and medicinal mushrooms are some ways to get germanium, but they're not the best. Supplements are the most reliable source, but not any bottle labeled "germanium" will do. Consume only pure, organic germanium, at a dosage of 25-300mg or more per day. The safest, most effective form of nutrient is germanium bis-carboxyethyl sesquioxide-132, or Ge-132, for short. ChiÃÂs EnterpriseÃÂs Ge-132 is pure crystal, precipitated by water. Our Ge-132 has the best quality and the best price.

Main Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Germanium 132 and non GMO

Suggested Usage:

1-3 capsules per day.

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