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Essential Fatty Acids | Woodland Health Books | Deborah Lee

Woodland Health Books' 'Essential Fatty Acids' by Deborah Lee is an informative resource about the importance of Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs in our daily diet for restoring and maintaining over all health and function.

Ingredients & Description

Woodland Health Books' "Essential Fatty Acids" by Deborah Lee is an excellent literary choice for individuals interested in learning about "Good" Fats. These "Good Fats", as explained in the book are fats that protect the cardiovascular system and promote overall good health. The main providers are called Essential Fatty Acids, and these are detailed in this book. "Essential Fatty Acids" goes into details about the many functions of EFAs, their safety and the research and controversy surrounding them.

Fat has long had a stigma surrounding it that gave us the impression that all fats were bad for us. In fact, the opposite is true. Some fats are absolutely essential for the proper maintenance of our bodies. These Essential Fatty Acids promote metabolism, maintain joints, promote cardiovascular health and promote nervous system function.

  • Debunks Common Myths about Fat
  • Provides Important and Relevant Research
  • Explains how to Live Healthier through Fats

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