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Pure Essence Labs | Breast-D | Designed for Holistic Cellular Health

Vitamin D with DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, Green Tea and Lycopene.

Ingredients & Description

Studies show that Vitamin D is crucial for breast health. Yet, less than one in ten Americans get the amount of Vitamin D that studies suggest is optimal for breast health. With 4000 IUs of Vitamin D3 and potent levels of DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, Green Tea and Lycopene, Breast-D is a superb breast support system. It can be used with any bone support supplement, or with any multiple that does not provide more than 2000 additional IUs of Vitamin D per day.

Promeva | Simple Tips for Breast Health

Natures Way Promeva, a unique natural supplement to help support healthy breast tissue. Promeva is Clinical Strength Breast Health Protection.

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Distributed or manufactured from Pure Essence Labs. See more Pure Essence Labs products.
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Uses & Indications.
  • Superb Breast Support System
Ailments & Concerns.

Questions and answers:

    Asked on: June 2, 2013
    Question: aumenta volume del seno?io ho taglia 2 e vorrei la 4
    • 0 0 A: Este suplemento está formulado mejor formula para la salud de los senos. Vote down - Vote up
    Asked on: October 7, 2013
    Question: please i am new and want to try the product. i an not married yet.can i breast feed a baby after taking the pills?
    • 0 0 A: The only warnings on this supplement are as follows: People diagnosed with sarcoidosis should not take this product. There are no warnings against taking if you are pregnant or nursing however it is always a good idea to let your physician know of what supplements you are taking. Vote down - Vote up

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