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Bathdetox (5 bags)* | Chi's Enterprise

Treat Yourself to a Rejuvenating Bath.

Ingredients & Description

Dr. Chis famous rejuvenating bath engages the olfactory and dermal neural senses and allows the body to secrete various waste products

Dr. Chis method of skin dialysis extracts wastes from the body by simultaneously removing toxins through the skin while increasing urine output. Safe and effective, BATHDETOX has been proclaimed by specialists to be a scientific breakthrough. Indeed, it engenders fast results without the help of conventional medicines that would otherwise burden the kidneys. Try it for yourself! .

Main Ingredients:Atractylodes, Carthamus, Cinnamomum, Eupatorium, Notopteryglum, Ligustici, Saposhnikovia, Artemisia

Suggested Usage:

For whole body bath | Dissolve contents of packet in a tub full of warm/hot water. Bathe for 30-40 minutes. For best results, drink Asparagus Extract tea while taking the bath.

For foot soak | Dissolve one quarter of the contents of the Bathdetox packet in a pail of warm or hot water. Soak both feet for 10-20 minutes. For best results, drink Asparagus Extract tea while soaking your feet.

For facial skin care - NEW USE! | Dissolve about 5 gm of Bathdetox (1/8 of the packet) in a small bowl of hot water. Soak a face towel in it, wring out excess liquid and cover your face or affected area with the towel until it starts to cool. Repeat the process until the Bathdetox solution cools. For best results, use twice daily.

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